Heleen J. Posthumus

It’s all about discovery….


I create multi-layered, abstract paintings, with a focus on colour, texture and composition. Landscape sometimes serves as a jumping off point for exploration of my perceptions and moods. The search for artistic motifs, forms and lines of tree branches, flowers, materials and objects, brings inspiration as well. The results are often surprising, hinting at multiple deeper meanings. Some days creating abstract art can be a battle, but then there is the moment, when I layer the paint just right, the canvas yields to my will, and I know, I’ve just begin to capture something meaningful. There comes the point when there is no more to add. At that point the painting is complete.

It’s all about discovery. I use all kinds of painting materials and tools. Brushes, scrapers, palette knives, rubber grout spreading squeegees. Marble flower or bitumen, wax, rust, pigments, BBQ ashes, sand, all can contribute to the process.  I find this creative process both fascinating as well as challenging. Creating art requires time and dedication. I love the space that creating abstract art makes for the imagination for viewer and artist.